We have developed an Apprentice training program with the employers needs in mind – you are entitled to government incentives, you get to keep your apprentice on site, your apprentice still gets a nationally recognized Certificate and training that meets the needs of the industry.

The service we offer has resulted in employers who had given up on the idea of having an apprentice or not even considered one, going back to enjoying the benefits of training someone to meet the needs of their individual workplace

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At Building Industry Training we understand that employers don’t have time or the resources to lose their apprentices and trainees for days or weeks at a time to college training.

We understand that employers often train their own workers to perform work the way they want to for their trade area.

We also understand that it costs the employer thousands of dollars in lost productivity while the apprentice is away from site for training and that this training often takes place at the most inconvenient time for the employer

Building Industry Training offers a service that not only addresses issues involved with traditional classroom based training, but also addresses issues rising as a result of online training, such as being able to get further assistance and real training when required.

We offer a flexible workplace training program tailored to meet the needs of your employment situation, whether it be for a junior or mature age worker full time, part time apprentice, school based, domestic or commercial work.

We can even assess existing workers preventing them from having to study subjects they are already proficient in, thus reducing the duration of the apprenticeship.

Our trainers visit your building sites, discuss self-paced learning resources with your apprentice and view their work providing training on a range of topics in your trade area.

The qualifications we offer are nationally recognized and the usual employer incentives and training funding is available.

Building Industry Training also works with Australian Apprenticeship centres to assist employers through the process of finding an apprentice and having them registered for their trade.

We offer a range of services that are user friendly for all parties involved including Apprentice training, Recognition of Prior Learning and Builder/Supervisor training.

We are currently offering tools of trade for Apprentices who complete their work in accordance with their Trainers requirements and their training plan. This takes place at each successful visit.

So if you would like to start an apprentice, already have an apprentice or would like to transfer an existing apprentice because you are not entirely satisfied with the service you are receiving, let us know and we can take care of everything for you.