Q. How do I receive my course materials?


A. All required training materials will be posted to the address provided by the next business day. Course material for Certificate IV in Building & Construction will be a combination of digital device and hard copy.  It is essential to your studies to have access to a computer and printer.


Q. How do I submit my work once it is completed?


A. Once work is completed it is to be printed and posted to:

Building Studies Coordinator.
Building Industry Training. 
PO BOX 325. 
Labrador. QLD 4215. 

We will have your trainer mark and provide you with feedback on your result.


Q. What if I can’t answer a question?


A. You will receive your trainer’s mobile number and email address. You can call or email for assistance. Emails at times can take up to a few days to receive a response , telephone is the preference for most students as a large amount of information can be given in a short period of time over a range of subjects. This can however be difficult for students that do not have English as a primary language so email maybe of more assistance.


Q. If I am a slow typer or my hand writing is bad how can I submit my work?


A. It can be typed or hand written unless the question specifies for it to be in a particular format.  Your assessments must however be in hard copy when sent to our office.


Q. How long will it take me to complete the course?


A.  The time taken to complete the course will depend on the students’ ability to write their thoughts onto paper, their learning environment, how much time the student can spend each day on the assessments and the experience the student has in the building industry. Typically we would encourage the student to do five questions every day which could take as long to complete, as it would for the average student to drive to and from their local TAFE College.


Q. Is the training course state specific?


A. The qualifications we have issued are nationally recognised. The training itself for Certificate IV in Building & Construction is not state specific but uses information from a range of sources.  These sources are usually from the eastern states or national information.  Some questions are state specific but only for the purpose of proving the students ability to read and interpret  documents used in the building industry.