How to enrol:

We encourage all potential students to contact us so we can discuss their individual needs and provide them with an enrolment form, payment options, course information and a student handbook.  This is usually sent via email or post.   Once Building Industry Training has received a completed enrolment form and course deposit the relevant training and assessment materials will be delivered to the student.  The student can also expect to be contacted by their trainer soon after enrolment.

You can send an email to requesting an Enrolment and Payment form and fax, email or post the completed form to us. All required details are listed on the form.

Alternatively you can call us to discuss your educational needs.

Payment Information:

All our courses are paid for in several easy payments.  Please contact us for instalment details. Successful payment is required prior to any course materials being released.

Credit transfers:

If you have already completed studies in any of the subjects listed for the qualification you wish to undertake, please provide us with a copy of your official statement of attainment/results so we may determine if we can issue you with a credit transfer for that subject.  Discounts will apply for all credit transfers given.

Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL):

For the RPL process the student will have to demonstrate the ability to perform the tasks involved for each subject.  Typically the student could provide evidence of documents they are used to working with along with referee reports, photos, resume/work history, previous qualifications and any other relevant supporting information etc.  The assessor will review the information provided and interview the student regarding the required subjects.  If the student is unable to provide relevant information for successful completion of the RPL, simple assessments and learning resources will be provided at no additional cost to the student.


Your trainer is available to help you successfully complete your chosen course.  You will be provided with your trainers’ mobile number upon successful commencement of your chosen course.

We are looking forward to helping you achieve your educational goals and are more than happy to discuss with you any questions that you may have.

The team at Building Industry Training